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Season 1 - Episode 4


35 min - Practice


Join Linda Baffa in a beautifully healing Yoga class designed to cleanse your energy and deepen your core connection. This fiery flow will add heat to your body, challenging you physically and promoting a sense of strength and resilience. Linda Baffa believes in the beauty of challenging oneself physically, and this class embodies that philosophy, offering a path to self-discovery and inner peace.

While this class is a part of Linda Baffa's Focused and Clear: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge, it can also be taken outside of the challenge at any time.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hey, friends. Welcome to day 3. We are going to cleanse today. Maybe get a little sweaty. It's gonna get a little fiery.

So at any time, if it's too much, just honor your own pace, honor your body, skip anything that doesn't make sense. As usual, we'll start on the back. Go ahead and come down and give yourself a nice big hug. Welcoming your body into this space, this time. You're here. You're still here committing to this time for yourself.

Take a big inhale through your nose. Hold the breath in. And sigh it out. Go ahead. Put your feet on the earth. Mees bent.

Slide your hands right on your thigh bones, just right above your pelvis, fingers point towards your knees, and then just go ahead and push your size away from you. So really press into your hands here. Feel the neck. Pull away from the hips. Feel the low back pull down.

The belly draws in. On your inhale, relax that press a little. And as you exhale, push back in, We're getting into the deeper core muscles, inhale to relax, exhale gently press Do that a couple more times. This is a back tractioning exercise. And then the, again, the deep core muscles cinching around the spine.

Pull down through your belly as you press. And just turn everything on there. One more. Good. And then go ahead and lift your legs in the air. Your knees are gonna be at a right angle.

Flex your feet. Take your arms out like a t shape. Palms press down. Try to keep your knees over your hips the entire time. They're not too far in.

They're not too far out, just right over the hips, take an inhale here. And as you exhale lower the knees to the right, let them hover in the air. And then on your inhale, bring the knees back up. And as you exhale, lower the knees to the left, let them hover, and then inhale back to center. Exhale to the right, inhale center, exhale to the left.

So control this movement with your abdominals. Let's keep going. Ground into the palms. Ground into the shoulders. And only go as far down as you can comfortably go without it getting into your low back.

Keep the core turned on. Exhaling to one side, inhaling to center, exhaling to the other. Let's say about 4 more. You can maybe visualize, windshield wipers on a car when it's raining. And you're just sort of clearing and cleansing that window.

So that you can see. Anytime we twist, it's also very purifying for the internal organs. You could think about that today as we cleanse, cleansing internally, cleansing externally, Alright. Let this next one be your last one and then go ahead and come back to center and just keep the legs where they are for a moment. Put your hands back on your thighs and try to keep your knees right over your hips and push into your thighs, feel the belly turn on, and just hold it three breath. Keep pushing your hands into your thighs, pull the belly in.

Keep the face off. Good. And then go ahead and relax and just grab behind your knees and try to rock and roll a few times to come up. So big rock back, big rock up, maybe even catching a little mini Nevasana here, feeling that course, support you, Good. And then come all the way up. Cross the ankles, step back to hands and knees. Alright. Couple rounds of cow, inhale your heart forward. Exhale.

Pressing around your spine. Inhale. Exhale. Okay. And then positive neutral Take your right arm out into the air. You may wanna wiggle that left hand forward just a little bit here.

Take the right arm up big inhale as you expand the chest. As you exhale, you're gonna thread that right arm under the left arm into the air. Don't let it touch the floor. Just reach it into the air. And then inhale the right arm back up into the air and exhale it under and into the air. Right? So we're We're working with the air, but mostly we're working with the abdominals.

So the abdominals are controlling this movement. We pull into the belly as we reach under. Inhale. Open back up. Let's do 2 more. Keep the left palm and left arms so strong. Last one.

Good. And then this time, you can come all the way down and just get that half dog twist. Maybe the left arm come forward. Maybe it wraps around the back. Take too smoother breaths here. Good. And then put your left hand down.

And put your right hand down. Let's go to the other side, inhale. The left arm reaches out and up. And as you exhale, take it under the body, pull into your belly, reach into the air, inhale, reach it back up, exhale, sweep it under. And he'll reach it up.

Follow your breath. Feel like the air is kinda thick, and we're doing this twisting action again, really cleansing and massaging inside the organs, but 2 more. And this last one, let's come all the way down. Wiggle the back of the arm or shoulder into the mat, maybe wrap that right arm around or reach it forward. Let's sink into the earth.

One more breath. Good. Put your right hand down and then put your left hand down. And then let's lower all the way down to the belly. Stretch your legs back at a time, so they're a little longer behind you. Reach your arms behind you and interlace your fingers.

On your inhale, lift into a Shalabasana variation. Should or draw back. Car reaches forward. Let's hold this for a few breaths, maybe lift the legs, stretch the toes back, and just breathe into the heart space, breathe into the strength of your back. Firing everything up.

2 more breaths. Maybe wiggle out your neck, soften your face. Good. Then lower all the way down. Hands by the ribs. Push to your hands and knees.

Plank hose. So maybe lift your knees, tuck your toes, feel that strength in the belly that we've cultivated, and create it, let it support you here, buoyancy in the hips, spread through the fingers, Maybe tweak the wrist slightly. Let it feel good. Let it feel supported. Tapping into your strength.

Your commitment. 2 more breaths here. Good. Let's go to downward dog. Yeah. That should feel good. Maybe paddle out the feet a few times.

Take a few head nods. From here, you're gonna look forward and either walk or lightly pounce your feet to the hands. Inhale halfway up. Exhale fold. Again, inhale halfway length in your heart.

Exhale. Fold a little deeper. One more time inhaling. And exhaling. Good. Let's rise all the way up.

Reach the arms all the way to the sky. Urd Vahastasana. Good. And then goal. Post your arms and open your heart here. Feel the shoulder blades moving down the back.

Feel your palms just flaring out wide. Take one more breath here. Good. And then inhale reach the arms back up as you exhale sit in the chair pose. Everybody's favorite for a fiery practice. So you feel it out.

You don't have to go too low. You could just be a little you could be in a high stool. Right? We could be in a nice, low chair. Sit back. K? Sweep the arms behind you now. Palms face up. K? On the inhale, we sweep back into chair.

As you exhale, the arms sweep back, inhale chair. Exhale back. Okay. Maybe take up the pace a little and just keep going. Pulling in through your belly as you sweep back. These are so cleansing. We're just moving stuff away, clearing out the clutter.

Maybe a force will exhale out the mouth. Keep going. 5. 4. 3, 2, Whole chair, hold the fire in your legs, one more breath. And then fold all the way down forward full.

Take a halfway lift. Inhale. And then bend your sit here, you can jump back to Chatteranga if you like to do that. You could step back to plank, maybe even skip Vinyasa. And we'll meet together in a downward facing dog. Let's take a big inhale through the nose, hold it in.

Side the breath out. Okay. Right leg up. Let's stay in the fire a little. Bend the knee, inhale here. Exhale. Bring your knee to your chest rounding into plank. Inhale.

The right leg back up into the air. Ex. He'll bring the knee to the chest. And he'll send it up and back. Good one more knee to chest. Hold there.

And then stop your foot forward. Good. So come to your fingertips. And then feel that right foot just next to your right thumb. So your feet feel like they're about hip distance apart. On the inhale, rise up to a crescent lunge. Stabilize by studying your gaze right out in front of you.

You're welcome to do this lunge lower by putting your back knee down. Feel free. Let's go post the arms again, feel the shoulders melting down the back. Good. And then from here, we're gonna reach up, inhale, and exhale into an open twist, the left arm forward, the right arm back. So you can keep your gaze forward.

Or you can turn it to the side for a little more challenge. Let's take one more breath. Good. And then cartwheel your hands all the way down to the floor. Lower the back knee and shift your hips back half split. Good. From here, you're gonna bend the right knee, lift the back knee standing split. Pops the back leg up into the air.

Good. And you're either gonna hold there or a little more fire. Bend both knees. Ajiva squat, the left knee can tap the right calf in how we lift left leg back up. Exhale lower. Inhale lift.

One more time lower. Inhale lift. Good. Bring your big toes to touch. Take a halfway lift. Inhale. Option of vinyasa, exhale, step, or lightly float, back, find your bra. Alright. Left leg.

Reach it up. Bend the knee open the hip. Inhale. As you exhale, squeeze the knee to the chest. Feel the fire in the belly, send it back, inhale, exhale, squeeze it in, inhale, send it back. This time we step it forward.

Pause there. Come to your fingertips. Feel that left foot really root down. Lots of stability here. On the inhale reach up crescent lunge.

Bend your elbows. Open your heart. Feel the breath, support you, and then inhale to reach up, exhale to your open twist right arm forward, left arm back, use the abdominals, pull in through the belly. Good. And then inhale back up and let's put the hands down. I think we did the car wheel, but that's okay. Good.

And then put your back knee down. Take your half split. Pull back. Good. Then take your standing split. Finger forward, lift the back leg up, stay here or bend both knees, Jeeva squat, inhale back up, exhale into squat.

The left hip is going back and down here. Inhale. Reach back up. One more exhale squat. Inhale up, exhale feet together, halfway lift, inhale, minasa exhale. You're Vinyasa, meeting together in downward facing dog. Let's take a reset breath, big inhale through the nose, sigh it out, guess what? We get to do the whole thing again on both sides, right, leg up, inhale, exhale, knee to chest.

Let's commit to the fire here. Inhale. Send it back and up. Exhale squeeze it in. Remember, we're cleansing. We're purifying. Inhale it back up.

Exhale step it through. Rise up to your crescent lunge. Inhale. Exhale bend your elbows. Inhale reach up. Exceal open twist, right arm back, left arm forward, hold for a breath.

Good. Cart wheel the hands to the floor. Half split. Lower the back knee. Shifts the hip stack. Good standing split, pop that back foot up, reach the fingers forward. Geeva squat three times.

Exhaling. Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, Last one. Good back up. Feet together. Half lift.

Vinyasa or skip it if you need to. Right? You can just go back to down dog. Always a nice option. Get your breath. Left leg up. Inhale. Ex, he'll need a chest.

In the hell, send it back. 2 more. Maybe smile, which is where it gets fun. Step it forward. Rise up. Crescent lunge.

Goal post arms, inhale reach, open twist, right arm forward, left arm back. Hold it for a brass. Good. Cart wheel the hands down. Lower the back knee. Half split.

Standing split. Pop it up. Good. Teva squat. Sync that back hip low. Inhaling back up, exhaling squat, inhaling up, Last one. Beautiful. Let's bring the feet together.

And however you wanna get to down dog, find your way. Good. Hold your down dog. Take a big inhale. Take a long exhale.

Alright. Nice work, everyone. Let's go ahead and hop or walk the feet up to the front of the mat. Take a halfway lift. Inhale. And as you exhale, just fold forward and pause for a few breaths, maybe widen your feet. You can grab your legs here.

You could grab your big toes. Drop the head. Nice. And then go ahead and come back to chair pose. I promise it's our last one. Just feeling that strength of your legs.

Bring a prayer to your heart here. Inhale into your thumbs. And exhale twist to the right. So your left elbow can either hover or wrap over and hook on to that outer right hip and then push into your palms and spin your heart to the right and just get a nice deep, juicy, meaningful, cleansing twist. Like, you're rinsing out an old dirty wash clots.

One more breath. Keep the prayer at your heart. Inhale through center. Stay strong in the legs, exhale over to the other side. So we're often Stronger than we think we are.

There's always more. Stay with it for 2 more breaths. Keep rinsing, keep cleansing, keep connecting to that feeling. Good. Come back to chair, lengthening your arms here, and then just fold forward. Oh my goodness. Take a halfway lift, inhale, and let's just step back to down dog.

Although I won't stop you if you want a Vinyasa. Alright. Walk your feet to the center and just sit down. Onto your mat wouldn't be a fun cleansing class without just a little more core work. So come with me onto the back. Like we did earlier, let your knees come right above your hips, but this time, cross your right leg over your left leg.

Take your arms out like a goalpost and cross your right arm under your left arm. Take an inhale here. And as you exhale, Bring your elbows up to your knees. Whoo. Inhale. Lower. Exhale lift.

Inhale lower. Exhale lift. So stay with this. If it's too much on your neck, you can also put your hands Behind your head. Let's try 5 more.

Fire. Cleansing, burning, purifying, Last one. Go ahead. Lower it down. Take pause, feet on the earth. Put your hands on your belly.

Do nothing. What a beautiful invitation at this point. Okay. So at this point, you might feel a little toasted. But if you've got it in you, let's do one more.

Legs. This time, left over right, arms to the side, left elbow under right, We can do it. Big inhale. Exhale. Lift up. Squeeze the belly. Inhale. Lower down.

Exhale lift up in the hell lower. Try to stay with it. Try just 5 or 6 more. Whatever you can do, keep committing. Keep showing up.

Even if you just lift half an inch, beautiful. Great. Keep going. Last two. But when you're ready, release and do nothing. Arms can come alongside the body.

Or hands on your belly. Feel your vibration. There is something so beautiful about really challenging your self physically that ride of endorphins and blood flow heart beating. Good. When you're ready, we're just gonna take an easy bridge to stretch it out so the arms can come alongside the body and you'll lift your hips up. Any amount in the air, maybe wiggling the shoulders underneath you, possibly interlace the fingers, Push down into the arms, push down into the feet.

Let's take 2 more deep breaths, right into the heart space, Good. Lower yourself down. Nice and slow. Okay. From here, let's go ahead and stretch the legs all the way out. Reach the arms over the head and just find a whole lot of length in your body from your toes to your fingers. We'll go into the hips now.

So you can either stay on your and take thread needle, right ankle over the left thigh, and hook your left leg, or rock up and take either single or double pigeon. So your version of some sort of pigeon I'm gonna get into single pigeon here. Right? And you forward kind of puffing the chest up and out of it and feeling that big pigeon breast. And then slowly coming down. And this should feel nice after all that effort. So you might stack your forearms and rest your head on your arms.

Or another nice option is to bend the elbows and cup your forehead with your hands. And just really feel that call in your body to surrender. Maybe letting go and cleansing out some unnecessary pattern, some unnecessary thought some belief that you have been clinging to that just isn't true. In order for us to get focused, and feel really clear, we have to be honest. We have to witness and cleanse out the thought patterns that are no longer serving us.

Maybe they never did. Let's take 3 more really nice deep breaths. As you exhale, feel yourself. Releasing, letting something go. And then we'll slowly come to the other side.

Switch your legs. Nuzzle yourself in. And come down. Some other questions to consider here. What feels dirty. What feels icky?

What feels stale? The springtime is such a powerful time to clean. To remove Pull out the weeds so the flowers can bloom. Let's take about 3 more breaths. Make your way out.

We'll go ahead and end our practice on the back in Shabasana. And just play your body out on the earth. Let your arms dangle alongside your body, palms face up. I softly close, draw your awareness inward. Let your breath become natural and effortless. And just feel your whole body.

So heavy. Release and let go. You're welcome to stay here and receive the benefits of your practice as long as you have, as long as you need And when you're ready to move, just wiggle the toes and fingers, take another big long stretch with the arms over the head, big inhale, Long exhale. And then rock yourself up to a seat or roll to the side. We'll pause together.

Bring a prayer to your heart. By your chin as a gesture of gratitude. Thank yourself for showing up. Thank yourself for honoring and strengthening your body today. Thank yourself for deepening your breath.

And most of all, thank yourself for making a connection to your spirit. Have a beautiful day.


Jenny S
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🌶️🌶️🌶️ Got my glow on today! Very cleansing indeed!
Christel B
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Great concept: letting go the thoughts that no longer serve us. Thanks for bringing us good thoughts during our practice.
Brigitte M
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Nice fiery practice to start my day! 🔥💥🔥
Sandra Židan
This beautiful energizing practice was exactly what I needed today! Thank you very much, Linda, for sharing it with us! Namaste! ❤️🥰🌹
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Beautiful class, thank you
Kate M
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Really lovely! I especially fell in love with the "pressure into thighs-spinal traction" sequence. Ahhhhh... : )

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