Focused and Clear: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge

The only way out is through - Welcome to Focused and Clear: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge by Linda Baffa. This 7-Day Yoga Challenge is designed to foster a deep connection inward as we shift from winter to spring. Each day will feature a 30-minute practice, accessible to the intermediate level but exploring a range of dynamics, including twists, core activation, and flows. With each practice, you'll aim to cleanse and clear, refocusing your intentions and scraping away anything that has been hindering your goals, ultimately bringing you back to a sense of clarity and focus.


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Sounds so good, I am waiting. Regards from Austria, Marianne
Magda Duran
Very pleased to join this challenge. Sounds great!
Christine C
Great way to start the week! Thank you Linda! Regards from Lisbon
Dawnie P
Very peaceful, connecting, and opening class. Thank you Linda!
David G-
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Loved this challenge, which wasn't completed over seven days to be honest, but I highly recommend these seven practices, as they are each intelligently sequenced and also add some peak poses. It's always wonderful to find a new voice for my asana practice, and Linda's calm energy, clear cues, and fantastic theming (this is an empowering season) have reinvigorated my home practice, and has spilled happily off the mat. 

The theme of clarity just showed up with my master local teacher, Marcie Wallace, who had us think of a word (during intention setting time), and its requisite focus. I chose the word eminence, which requires effort. These last two practices require a lot of effort, and seemed to feed the word eminence as well! 

The highlight was the fifth practice, a sublime savasana. 

Hope this convinces you to try the challenge. I am thinking of doing them all again on a rainy day. It would be a great workout, and there are lots of conservative options to modify the efforts. 
Aurora del Villar
Totally loved this challenge! Didn't complete it in seven days, to say the truth, but Im looking forward to repeat it ando do so. Thank you
Besides, I am sure, Linda, you are a wonderful person. just a hunch

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