The Sun and Moon Show Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Hi Noon

20 min - Practice


In the middle of the day, we play with balancing the energies of the sun and moon with Nadi Shodona (Channel Purification). Kira begins with a short subtle anatomy lesson to help give context for the practice. We then move through three sets of nine rounds. You will feel refreshed and clear.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Ah... such a blessing Kira.
Thank you
Susan! Happy to be here together. xok
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Thank you, Kira.
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loved this, kira. not what i thought it was going to be but it of course was just what i needed... i feel it a blessing to have had this 20 min with you, as i have heard your name for years from sarah l who was your student and has been my friend and teacher for many years in shanghai. i can see how her teaching reflects yours. beautiful! thank you again :)
Hi Shawnee! Good to be meeting. You must miss Sarah so much. xok
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Hi Kira,
How lovely to hear your voice again and share this soothing practice - just what I need before an afternoon of hyperhalloween excitement in the kids classes! sliding smoothly into autumn here - hope all is well with you┬┐
Michelle ! Have a wonderful fun Halloween!

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