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This season Suniti focuses on our relationships with the internal and external in our yoga. Working her way up from feet to head, Suniti's practices help us relate to the earth by grounding through the feet and pelvis, feel into our center in our core, and find expansiveness in our heart.
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May 24, 2015
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(tide rolling in) Hi, welcome, this series of classes is about relationships. It's about relating to the ground, so that you can relate to the sky. It's about being at our center, so that we can reach out through our limbs. It's about being connected with ourself, so that we can be in community, so that we can be with others. I think we can all relate to the feeling of being overextended.

So, we're going to work from our feet, up to our neck, our feet, up towards our upper palette, and our head. The feet-work is about yielding, it's about learning to connect to the ground in a way that feels like there's an offering, and then we're receiving support. So, we can relate to the ground in a way, where we're just collapsing our weight, and we can also push ourselves away from the ground, and I'm sure we've had the experience of doing both, and so it's just looking for that really dynamic, and delicate, balance of yielding, offering and receiving. We'll move into the exploration of our hips and our pelvis, which also have a really grounding tone. We'll work into our core, find our center, so that we can expand out.

We'll look at broadening across our lower back, we'll start to open up our chest, move through our heart center, and our hearts will be expansive, and grounded, and then we'll start to talk about freeing up our neck, and opening up through the upper palette. When the upper palette is easy, when the neck is easy, my mind can move into my breath, my mind can move into my body, so that I notice more of those moments when I'm being sent off my feet. I notice more when I'm out of balance, how can I come back? And so, these are all just little tools of re-aligning ourselves, finding our center, so that we can be in a relationship, in a really, healthy, beautiful way.


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