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Season 2 - Episode 2

Let's Take a Seat

10 min - Practice


Suniti guides us through a simple and profound seated meditation. She encourages us to offer our weight to the earth, and notice the resulting receiving energy that moves up through our spine. Within this posture, we can become aware of subtler details of the breath and allow the mind to quiet.
What You'll Need: Mat


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(waves crashing) Welcome. Let's take a seat together. So find a comfortable seat. You can sit up on a blanket, or you can sit up on a block or a pillow. Find a place where it feels like you can sit up nice and tall.

You can choose to have your eyes opened or closed, but if you have your eyes opened, allow for a soft gaze. Allow light to come to you, allow the space to come to you. So you have a wide open periphery. (sighs) Begin to feel your body relating to the floor. Settle your body.

Feel the weight of your legs, and actually offer the weight of your legs to the ground. Feel the weight of your pelvis. As you offer your weight to the earth, notice a receiving energy that moves up through your spine. Feel the weight and the depth of your sitting bones, and notice the height of your nostrils. Begin to explore your breath passing the walls of your nostrils.

So it's quite subtle, but you may find that when you inhale, the walls of your nostrils cool just a bit, and when you exhale, they warm just a bit. Relax your jaw. Allow your lower jaw to soften away from your upper jaw. Allow for space. Relax your tongue.

Feel the upper palate of your mouth doming. It's doming and expanding to meet the dome of the sky. Notice that your breath has four parts. Experience your inhale and the little pause at the top. Experience your exhale and the very small pause at the bottom.

Can you be with each breath? Can you experience each breath without anticipating the next? Again, feel the weight of your legs. Feel the weight of your pelvis. And as you offer weight to the earth, allow for a receiving energy to move up through your spine.

Feel the top of your head expand to meet the sky. Relax your tongue. Relax your jaw. Be with each breath. Experience the fullness of each breath.

Experience the fullness of each breath. Be with each breath without reaching to the next, without anticipation. If your eyes are closed, gently allow them to open, and let light come to you. Let the view come to you. Become more receptive.

(sighs) Begin to open up your awareness to take in sound. So rather than being exclusive of experience, become inclusive. Gently bring your hands together in front of your heart, and feel your hands meet. Eyes open, heart full. Bring your chin down to your chest to bring your brain to connect to your heart, drawing into your felt sense.

(sighs) With so much gratitude, thank you for sharing the space. Namaste.


Diane P
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Thank you Suniti for helping me understand the true meaning of yoga.

Melissa H
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Beautiful practice. I never knew a yoga block was so comfortable for meditation-- thank you for that suggestion!
Karin D
Thank you Suniti for this meditation, short, however effective for me
Fantastic Karin! You are welcome.
Kate M
So delighted to find this season! I'm exploring somatic movement with you in your more recent offering on YA, and this work really resonates with me. A door opening...

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