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In Season 3 of The Bhakti Show, Julia guides us through practices to activate, awaken, and honor the energies of the deities within ourselves. She welcomes special guests, Manoj and Joythi Chalam. Manoj is a scholar of yoga, vedanta, and tantra with a degree from Cornell University in chemical engineering. Joythi is a scholar and classically trained musician who illuminates our hearts with her voice. Together we explore our relationship with the Hindu Gods and Goddesses as tools for awakening on the yogic path.
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Jul 15, 2015
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Namaste the Yogi friend, so happy to welcome you back to season three of the Bhakti show. So in this season we get to hang out with Manoj and Jyoti Chalam who are a beautiful couple originally from southern India and together they carry a great depth of knowledge of the path of yoga and Vedanta and they share that with us in this series. So Manoj sheds light on our relationship to the deities, to the yogic gods and goddesses and offers a way for us to relate to them so that they become real tools to support our path of awakening, to support our discovery of greater peace and happiness. Specifically we take a little bit of a deeper look at Lakshmi, Shiva and Ganesha and then Jyoti who has been singing classical Indian music since the age of four takes us on a beautiful journey with some songs, some classical Indian music connected to the deities. She also speaks a little about Vedanta, the philosophy of Self-realization and sort of talks about the nature of happiness and where it really lies. So then I'm going to flow with you in a few sequences to help land some of the teachings that we receive from the deities and we'll also chant to Lakshmi to awaken abundance and prosperity in our lives and we will sing together, we'll chant to Ganesha. So I hope that you find inspiration and real tools to support you on your path of ever-increasing joy and peace and happiness and from my heart to yours, so much love. Namaste.


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