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Season 2 - Episode 1

Welcome to Seasonal Vinyasa

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Melina invites us to embrace the art and science of Ayurveda and yoga, guiding us through seasonal vinyasa sequences designed to awaken and nourish our vital energy year-round. She introduces us to the 3 pillars of Ayurveda—diet, sleep, and sex—sharing practices to promote a healthy, balanced, and vibrant lifestyle.
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Aug 20, 2015
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(waves breaking on the shore) Namaste, and welcome to Yoga for Our Nature, season two. In the previous season we introduced the elements of air, either fire, water, and earth and some (foreign word) practices to help you understand and feel the elements in your own (foreign word) practice. And hopefully to integrate some of the daily routines into your life now. In this new season we're going to introduce the elements in their seasons, discuss the different times of the day that we're going through, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Both in lecture as well as in practices.

We have another section I'll be introducing called the three pillars which are a foundation for a long, healthy life. We have discussions and practice with diet. And some ideas about how to improve your diet, protect your digestion as well as some practices to help you potentially sleep better if you struggle with insomnia or know somebody who does. And we also look into sex and (foreign words) and connection with others as an important pillar to uphold and maintain a really fun, wonderful life. In conclusion we also have a piece on lunar practice for times of the month where we feel perhaps a little bit more internalized with our energy.

Or if you're experiencing any wrist or shoulder injuries in class and you still want to have some flow, that the lunar flow would be a really great practice to do. I hope you enjoy this new season. Both the information in the lectures as well as the physical practices to continue to help you explore the themes in Ayurveda, the practices in Ayurveda to see how you too can be practicing this art and science of Ayurveda at home in your own practice. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for going along this journey, namaste.


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