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Yoga for Our Nature


Season 2 - Seasonal Vinyasa

In Season 2 of Yoga for Our Nature, Melina shares seasonal vinyasa sequences and explores the 3 Pillars of Ayurveda—diet, sleep, and sex. She invites us to celebrate and appreciate our relationship with the natural world, offering practices and talks designed to awaken and nourish our vital energy year-round.

Season 3 - Dosha Jam

In Season 3, Melina shares a series of practices to help you get to know your dosha and celebrate your unique constitution. We will explore sequences to help balance your dosha, to slow down and unwind, and boost your energy while inviting in a fresh sense of vibrancy into the body.

Season 4 - Vitality Boost

Embrace your ever-changing nature. In Season 4, Melina shares a series of accessible yoga practices to inspire new ways of moving slowly with intention. Together, with the support of props, you will feel an increase in mobility and core strength, an immune system boost, and in general, will feel more awesome in your body.

Season 5 - Reaching New Heights

In Season 5, we journey through 8 grounding, challenging, and fun practices each progressing mindfully towards an accessible peak pose inspired by Nature and the 5 elements. These creative and empowering sequences are designed to connect you to the world around you, and help you reach new heights, on and off your mat.