Freedom Yoga Immersion Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Freedom Yoga Practice, Day 1

35 min - Practice


Erich guides us into a freedom yoga practice by giving us permission to start with something that we already know or feel like doing, and then encourages us to listen within to find our own expression of yoga. The main idea is, "Get into it more." We practice like this for about 18 minutes. He then concludes the practice with a long juicy Savasana and closing meditation.

Play your own music, or follow along with this Spotify playlist of the music Erich used in this class.


1. My Primitive Heart -- Eccodek MC Yogi

2. For What It's Worth (India Dub) -- DJ Drez Joey Lugassy

3. Water Shows The Hidden Heart -- Enya

What You'll Need: Mat

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Such great music in this one!
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Thank you, Erich. Such a pleasure to practice with you. XO
You're welcome Joanne, so glad you liked it :)))))
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Tears of joy and gratitude! It has been a journey from VHS to DVD to podcasts without music and downloads to podcasts with music and now this beautiful video of the whole class (with playable playlist no less!!). Absolutely awesome Erichji. Thank you so much
thank you patdev :)))
Hmm, does the playlist start automatically?
Dearest Michele
You need to create a free account with Spotify to access the playlist. xo k
I couldn't hear hear the music so I played my own. I heard the rest, just not the music.
Dearest Kathy
Glad you are here. Did you download the playlist on Spotify?
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someone is blocking Mr. schiffman and doing her own poses that don't match his on my video. I had trouble with the audio and was OK with this but it's not my favorite.
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