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Padma introduces us to Season 3 of Asana Studies in which she offers a series of practices to promote healing and growth. Together we'll investigate a therapeutic pelvis and shoulder series, twisting, backbending, and restorative practices.
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Jul 25, 2015
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Hello and welcome. I'm here to share my practice with you. What I find interesting in my practice has come from mostly my body and my I'd say, one, my injury. I have a broken arm that I've had since I was 17. As I've gotten older the effects on my neck, my spine, even my lower back, and the effects of my pregnancy on my pelvis and pelvic floor, so my practice has really been about healing, and growing from these interesting body challenges.

What I find when I share them is that other people have very similar issues with their own body. We are going to do a play with anatomy around the pelvis, and a therapeutic pelvis series. We're gonna do a little anatomy around the shoulder, and a therapeutic shoulder series. Then we'll do a standing series, a folding and twisting series. We'll do a backbend series, and a restorative series.

Thank you.


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