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Season 4 - Episode 4

Home Remedy for Cranky Knees

5 min - Tutorial


Heidi shares a therapeutic home remedy for cranky knees. In this short tutorial, we learn how to create space and openness in the knee joints. You will need two washcloths.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 12, 2015
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Hey there, I'm gonna share with you what might be a possible tonic for cranky knees. So, what you'll need are two little washcloths, just simple little everyday washcloths, so take your legs out in front of you and grab your knee, and just lift your knee up and bend the knee, and take your hands and move your fingers up into the back of knee joint, and kind of search around and sort of explore the back of your own knee joint, how wide is it, and how deep is it? And then turn your hands the other way so you have your thumbs, and you can in, and you do the same thing, just kind of push off and look around, and if you find tender places you can explore maybe a little circular movement where it's tender. All right, and then so you've sort of softened the back of the knee, take one of your rolled up washcloths and bring it right up behind the knee joint, and I like to kinda wedge it forward and back until I feel that the back of the knee is smooth and wide, and then pull the washcloth towards your thigh and step on your foot, let go of the washcloth, and then see if you can fold the knee into the washcloth. Check out how it feels, so the washcloth just creates a little space in the hinging joint of the knee, all right?

A little opening. Okay, if it's possible, you hold onto that, so don't unfold you knee, and just turn that leg out, simple cross leg, just let it be, and then we do the same thing other side, so pick up your knee, take your fingers facing you into the back of the knee, explore, sort of soften into the depth of the back of the knee, and then turn your fingers away from you, and you have your thumbs and they go up in there. How deep, how wide, how tender, how's your breath, right? And then, take that rolled up washcloth and take it right into the fold of the knee, and so you want to feel that the back of the knee is broad and flat and soft, and then pull that thigh towards you and pull the shin in, you may have to adjust where your other foot is, right? How does it fold?

It should feel like, like instead of a hairpin turn, it's a curve, right, from shin to thigh, a nice open curve, and then turn that leg out, and see how your seat feels now. I hope that was helpful. Namaste.


AmaZing Grace
Thanks! This really helps!
Darya Wenzel
1 person likes this.
Thank you, great idea with towels.
Fabian H
thank you. my knees thank you too!

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