Yoga for 2: Prenatal and Postnatal Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Connecting with Light and Love

10 min - Practice


Eden guides us through a gentle and loving meditation designed to connect us with our babies and ourselves. With keen awareness of the light within and around us, her sweet soothing voice will calm and ground you.
What You'll Need: Blanket

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Hi welcome. We're here today with Ushi and Kristen and our babies. I'm in my third trimester, third trimester, and second trimester. And we're just going to do a very simple meditation just to drop in to our bodies and express a little appreciation for the life that's growing inside of us and for the wisdom that we have in our bodies. So we'll just start by closing our eyes and just noticing anywhere in your body that might feel a little tense or rusty and feel free to move around a little bit and make yourself more comfortable.

And just scan the body. Starting with the belly. Welcoming the baby into this meditation. And moving into the pelvis and the hips, feeling grounded. And taking your awareness into the spine, into the back, lengthening it out a little bit.

And now bringing the attention to the shoulders. Allowing them just to rest a little bit, sink a little bit closer to the earth and away from the ears. And the arms. Palms just connecting with the knees. Hands relaxing.

And the face. Just feeling your eyes get softer. The mouth and the jaw, the neck. And now we're just going to bring our attention to our breath. Just taking a few cycles of breath to just notice where it is, your own rhythm.

Now let's just start to lengthen it out, deepen it. The inhale, sinking in a little bit deeper. And exhaling. Every little particle of air. Inhaling, deepening it a little bit more.

And exhaling. Feeling the relaxation start to sink in. Inhaling, feeling it move across your throat, and your chest and your heart, and into your belly. And exhaling as the belly relaxes and floats out of the nostrils. And now we're just going to envision the air, the oxygen that's coming into our body.

Give it a color and a texture. A nice, bright, healing, kind, loving, light. And let it expand through your body with every inhale. And exhale. Maybe it touches those areas that you noticed in the beginning that needed a little extra love.

And just feel the light growing even brighter, every breath. Expanding through your limbs, your spine, your heart space. And reaching the belly. And now just allow it to caress the baby inside of you. A nice warm light.

And just bring one hand to the belly as you do that and one hand to the heart center. And feel the light really glow from those two spaces; from the belly and the heart. And see if you could envision your baby just relaxing and enjoying the touch of your breath. And the sensation that this light brings. And just taking a few breaths in silence, really connecting.

Now just relax our hands back down to our knees. And again just scan the body and see how it feels now. Bringing light in through the chest, the heart space into the belly. Expanding out through the limbs, through the spine, through the crown of the head. And now, just start to see that light glowing around you.

Giving you a sense of ease and protection. Still glowing brighter with every breath. And just let it be a message that you can trust your body and the wisdom of your body and you can come back to this light whenever you need it. Through the inevitable challenges that come up and through the beautiful, magical experience that is happening now within you. And that you can trust the intuition, your intuition.

Just by tuning in and listening to your body and to your breath. And now let's just bring our hands, feeling the energy and the light, just swirl around and within us. And just take a moment to send a little gratitude to your body for all that it's creating right now and to your beautiful baby for being here. And to each other, for just taking this brief time to share this experience. And gently and slowly start to open your eyes and just rest your palms back down to your knees.

Coming back together. And thank you. Thank you for sharing this experience. Namaste.


Laura M
Beautiful pick me up. Thank you  
Eden Flynn
Hi Laura, You're so welcome I'm so happy you enjoyed it! 

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