Pranayama & Meditation Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

How to Sit

5 min - Tutorial


Proper sitting will result in a more comfortable meditation. Richard, with the help of Betsy and Alana, demonstrates two possible set ups, in a chair and on a floor, to help find grounding ease in the hips and length in the spine. This is the foundation for the practices to come.
What You'll Need: Sandbag (2), Chair, Blanket, Strap


Helpful and clear. Thank you.
I am not familiar with straps and am new to sitting practice. Is there any contraindications for the straps? Is there a length of time these should be removed in? Thank you in advance. I am thoroughly enjoying your show.

greetings. could you be a bit more specific about how you're using the straps. I really don't think there's any problem at all, but I'd just like to be sure...Richard
I was using them in the hip to knee pattern. I tried it and didn't have any problems. I asked because I have pain in my hip and just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be injuring it with prolonged sitting with the straps. Thank you again.
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Thank you, the sitting on a chair with the props feels good. An easy and fast way to meditate during a pause from working at the desk.I will definetly place the props beside my desk, to meditate more often.

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