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Pranayama & Meditation

A collection of guided breathing and meditation practices designed to draw our awareness towards the magnificence and mystery of the subtle realm.

Season 1 - Meet Your Breath

Richard guides us on an inner journey of our breathing to help us experience a more subtle, refined, and spacious quality of ourselves in preparation for meditation. These practices build a foundation for the following seasons to come.

Season 2 - Diving In

Building on the pranayama and meditation practices from Season 1, Richard guides us deep into the subtle realm with ancient yogic experiments that are designed to enhance our relationship with the inner landscape, bringing us closer to the source.

Season 3 - Patricia Sullivan

In Season 3, Patricia Sullivan will share a series of asana, meditation, and breathing practices designed to help you come into an experience of the subtle realm. These practices will promote a sense of relief and calm and allow you to feel centered in your being.

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