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Season 1 - Episode 16

Immeasurable and Specific

5 min - Practice


Can we feel both our immensity and specificity at the same time? Kira guides us through a simple pranayama practice to begin to hone our capacity. You will feel spacious and held.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(waves crashing) Let's get a little bit more space inside. So, find a comfortable seat maybe in a chair, snuggle in. Big, deliberate inhale (inhales). Exhale everything, let your low belly relax. Back of the heart soft.

Upper palate open, so that the base of the skull widens. Eyes closed. And let your awareness come down into the lower realm of your torso, Like the bowl of your pelvis. And with your awareness in the bowl of your pelvis so tenderly, just become aware of the space. Become aware of the front.

Become aware of the back. Become aware of the sides, the bottom, and the top. And as you become of aware of this bowl of the pelvis you might be letting your breath help you but there will be a natural feeling of fullness. Once you have found this quality of fullness here in this lower bowl of the pelvis let your awareness come up to the middle of the torso so from about just below the navel up to just below the heart, and begin to let this region feel full and so, the breath might help you but it's a (mumbles) is a slightly subtler layer of the breath, so you might feel the front the back, the sides, the bottom and the top, nice, and only once this region feels full, don't rush, only once this feels full, bring your awareness to the upper third of your torso. So, from about the heart up towards just above the collarbones, just at the teardrop of the throat, and you'll start to feel this region full, expansive, be aware of the front of the chest, back around the shoulder blades, up around the tops of the collarbones, and once you feel a sense of this region full now start to integrate.

So, we broke this torso up into parts to help us identify areas, but now feel the whole torso full. Yeah, upper palette soft, and now just add the limbs in. Like, include your limbs in this fullness, feel your legs full, feel your arms full, feel your skull expansive. And while your skin might feel like your boundary, so as you're having a sense of the inhale, something like the inhale and the exhale, within your realm, most likely it feels like you can breathe a little bit beyond the usual boundary of your skin. And just for the next handful of moments, just see how big it feels like you can get, like have a sense of being able to inhale out beyond and exhale, let it soften.

Just a few more moments, soften the upper palate kinden the eyes, just allow yourself to grow. Beautiful, now here's the skill, can you maintain a sense of this bigness of yourself and, for the last few moments, can you be simultaneously aware of the specific breath in your lungs? A few more moments, big, gigantic, and specific. Beautiful. Namaste.


Mary B
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Sweet and spacious. My cat found my lap a particularly restful place. So lovely. Thank you!
Gail O
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Loved this. Cradling the paradox of expansive and specific as I continue to nurse a cold (and my resistance to it) Namaste
Kira Sloane
Gail! You and I are due to connect. xok

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