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Season 2 - Episode 14

Meet My Friend and Assistant

5 min - Conversation
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Many of us are lucky enough to have mentors or teachers that have helped to guide us on our path. In this conversation we get to meet Chelsea, who talks about what it's like to make yoga videos and how she applies the lessons she has learned from Jules to her own yoga classes.
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Aug 18, 2015
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Hi there, thanks for joining us. I wanted to give you at home an opportunity to get to know Chelsea, my friend and assistant who came up to film with me this week and she's a really special girl and she worked really hard to bring you some amazing yoga videos and we think you should know a little bit about her. So Chelsea, will you tell everyone at home a little bit about you? Sure, so my name is Chelsea obviously, which you've been hearing over Jules' videos. I work at Vassa the studio in the Inland Empire so if you're ever in California in that area feel free to check it out and come say hi and you'll get some of the same work that Jules has been doing with me through her videos and I also teach privates as well and I love working one-on-one with students. So you mentioned that if they come see you in Redlands that a lot of the work would be similar to some of the work that we've done here but I know that you're your own person and you definitely have your own style and I know Chelsea because she's been in teacher training with me now this is the second one and so I know she's definitely learned a lot from me but you also have a lot to offer in your own way. So can you tell everyone at home how your work is not only similar to what we've done here but also how it's a little different how it's uniquely you? Yeah so when I teach a group class the techniques and skills that I've learned from Jules I really try to focus on who's there so when I walk into a class sometimes I really don't even know what I'm gonna teach because I've been empowered by the way Jules is trained through the last couple years with her to be able to observe the students and be able to bring something different and new and fresh to them and hopefully you learn something different and new to bring into your practice that you find useful when you go into any other yoga class. So that's my goal with taking on Jules style within my teaching style is to empower my students to walk out of the class feeling great and like they learned something. Awesome and you want to tell everyone what it's like to be in a yoga video? It's a lot of work. No joke. It's not easy. There's lights everywhere there's cameras there's people looking at you from all directions and you're being watched by your teacher mentor and friends for six hours a day in yoga poses and fun yoga clothes but it's a great experience I highly recommend it if you ever have an opportunity to go along for the ride to just go for it and don't be intimidated by it because my experience has been great it's been a lot of fun. And then also Chelsea travels with me a lot on the road she's just a great friend but also really good assistant she just has it together so when I'm out teaching workshops I have the opportunity to like really focus on the material and the students and she handles a lot of the admin stuff and I totally trust her to do adjustments and go around the room and answer questions so I think that's kind of I'm guessing an exciting aspect of our relationship for you is pretty fun because I used to do that for my mentor and I loved it so do you want to share with everyone at home a little bit about what that experience is like? Yeah it's been wonderful going out and meeting so many different yogis and studios seeing just their different spaces and it's been a great learning experience for me as well just seeing a wide variety of people out there because Jules never knows who is gonna be at the workshops so it's just as exciting for me as it is for her as well just going into different cities and states to experience what that environment has to bring to us. Will you tell everyone at home how they can find you like your website and good stuff like that? So my website is and my hashtags are the same everywhere so Facebook Instagram Twitter so and it's spelled the traditional good old way. If you can't find her you can always find her through my website okay well thanks for sharing yourself with us I just want to tell you how grateful I am for you taking your time away from now we're gonna cry for taking time away from your lovely students at home and being able to be so flexible and really for all the support and the late nights and the laughter that's the hard part that they don't tell you about filming when you're with friends you end up staying up way too late too so it's like double work oh sweet and I'm very grateful to you as my friends my mentor so Jules is very special to me thanks


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