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In the action of holding sacred space for the Self, we create opportunity for the window of the Spirit to crack open. Jessica welcomes us to the fierce practice of being fully invested in our whole self. Together, with fun and light-heartedness, we will push boundaries, play in the vulnerable spots, and discover the lioness within.
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Jul 20, 2015
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Hi, and welcome. What I'm interested in right now is connection. Connection to myself and my body, connection to you, to others, to community, and ultimately a connection to spirit. But first, we start with the body, we start with ourselves. My aha moment as of recent has been this discovery that this is level one practice, first owning, being fully invested in you, in your body the way it's showing up with all of your life experiences, and holding a sacred space for that, holding fullness, holding the whole heart, and in that action you create an opportunity for the window of the spirit to crack open just a little bit more.

You create an opportunity for you to fully connect with another person. So, this is one step along the path of that overall engagement, that overall connection, and there isn't a better way to get there than through the body. This is a fierce practice, everything in the world, everything around us tells us to move away from ourselves, tells us that we aren't enough, and so we have to stand up and not meekly demand it, but stand up fiercely and say I am here, I am enough, I am full, I may not always act with grace, I may not look like this or that, but I am love, and owning that that is this work, so we start low stakes, that fierceness starts here in the body our asana practice, showing up in the poses that allow us to push those boundaries, to feel that sense of challenge and to give us the opportunity in this really accessible way on your yoga mat, so that when you go out into the world and you declare that you have practiced with it. We'll be visiting some shapes that are some of my most vulnerable and most favorite at the same time. A variation of form balance where we draw the leg out long and the knee in, and reach far through the heart, called archer.

Moving through a variation of bow pose from side plank, all of these shapes so that we can find that fierce lioness within us and move through the fire and into our heart. The practices are meant to be fun, they're meant to be lighthearted, and ultimately to bring you home to your body so that you can say I feel it here, I feel it here, I feel it here, and when you're there, you're more likely to be able to do that with others, and when we're here, we're more likely to be able to do that with spirit, so I'm excited to take part of this practice with you. I want to hear from you, I want to know what feeds you. Thank you for joining me. Namaste.


Maureen M
Lovely, your warmth and compassion shines through as you speak. Must watch all your videos. Thank you.
Jessica Garay
Thank you Maureen. So lovely to read your kind words!
Janet L
Thank you, very beautiful

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