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Season 2 - Episode 1

Welcome to Postnatal

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We're so happy you've taken this time for yourself to heal and come back into your body. Eden has just had her second baby and will share some road-tested practices to heal and rebuild strength after child birth. As always, you're encouraged to listen to your body and modify to what feels right for you.
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Jan 14, 2016
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(waves crashing) Hi mamas! Welcome to Yoga for Two, this is the postnatal series and I'm very excited about it, very happy you're here participating in it, and first and foremost congratulations. (laughing) I know it's a huge experience, life-changing, giving birth, whether it's your first time, second time, or you have more. So I just want to acknowledge and honor that. I'm very passionate about these practices for that reason. I'm on my second child and yoga has been both prenatal and postnatal, super grounding and wonderful for me, and I hope it is for you as well.

And I know it's a monumental task being here and being able to share in these practices, so thank you for doing that, taking this time for yourself. There are a couple of practices that are intended for mamas that have just come out of the birth experience so they're more gentle, a little bit less movement, and I just want them to be available for healing, just coming back, dropping back into the body. There are a couple others that are a little more active, and stronger, and do involve a little bit more abdominal work. I didn't start doing those practices with my second until about three months after she was born, I may have started a little bit sooner with my first, just because I probably had the luxury of a little bit more time. That's just speaking to every experience is so unique and so different.

So please if you feel like you need to modify through any of the practices, listen to your body. By all means modify when you need to. Check with your doctor or midwife before practicing, especially if you've had a C-section, or any other conditions that you wanna be extra careful about. There's a couple of practices that involve baby, and I hope that you can enjoy those as well. They're intended for you to do with baby connected to body sometimes, and other times maybe baby's right there next to you.

It can be really fun and inspiring. And it can also be very challenging, just like motherhood! (laughing) Again, congratulations, enjoy. Namaste.


Thank you!!!! Excited for this journey

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