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Season 2 - Episode 3

Fireball Quickie

5 min - Practice


Brenda leads us through a quick and spicy five-minute practice to energize your day.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hello and welcome. Join me at the top of the mat for a little fiery, spicy practice. So starting in Tadasana, just taking three breaths just to ground, to root. A little softness behind the knees, a little softness through the shoulders. Exhale, press the palms down towards the earth.

Inhale, rise the arms up. Exhale, fold forward, uttanasana. Inhale, rise up halfway, plant the palms, step or hop back. If you're hopping back, bend the elbows, chaturanga. Inhale, urdvamukha.

Exhale back, downward facing dog. Just three breaths here. Press the thighs back, root through the hands. Completing your exhale, take your gaze forward, step or hop the feet up between the hands. Inhale, rise up halfway, exhale, fold.

Root through the feet, inhale, rise up, urdvahastasana. Exhale, folding forward. Inhale, rise up. Plant the palms, step or hop back, transitioning, chaturanga. Inhale, exhale back, downward facing dog.

On your next inhale, take the right leg up. Take a full exhale, take your gaze forward, step or hop the left foot in between the hands. Maybe a hover, right leg steps back, warrior one. Palms down, lift the back heel, shift back up into a hover. From here, shift it, chaturanga.

Inhale, exhale back, left side, left leg lifts. Full exhale, gaze between the hands, take it forward. Right foot downward one on the inhale. Palms down, back heel lifts, shift it back into standing split or maybe a handstand. Chaturanga.

Inhale, exhale back, three breaths. Step the feet in about six inches, coming into fireballs, so still keeping the energy high. Dip the hips back, take the gaze forward, right? It might be a donkey kick of little kicks back or maybe hips over shoulders, right? Four or five, maybe catch a hover.

One more. Back into downward facing dog, one more time through. Inhale, right leg lifts, full exhale, take the gaze forward, step or hop. Right leg back, warrior one, exhale, palms down, back heel lifts. Shift it back into handstand, chaturanga, inhale, exhale back, inhale, left leg lifts.

Take the gaze forward, step or hop, the right foot forward. Soften the left foot down, inhale, warrior one. Palms down, lift the back heel, shift it back into handstand, right? Lower down, chaturanga, inhale, upward or low cobra, exhale back, downward facing. Five rounds of breath here, press the thighs back and let the head go.

Step the feet in, six inches, bend the knees, take the gaze forward, moving back into fireballs. Hips up, maybe hover, hips up, maybe catching a hover. Last one, right, and on the last one if you'd like, you can take the legs all the way up. Knees back down, slowly lower, good, walk the feet in. Let the upper body go, option of grabbing opposite elbows or taking the hands behind the calves, drawing the torso in.

Letting again the head go, tuning into the energy to the fire, softening the knees, slowly rolling up, and soften the shoulders back. Thank you for joining me for A Little Fire in Spice, hope to see you soon.


Kelly Sunrose
This is amazing!! Brenda, you are as BADASS as you are kind-hearted-- big time! Love to you!
Brenda Lear
Kelly!!! You are amazing and it just makes me smile that we get to practice together across the miles. I love love love your classes!!!!

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