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Season 2 - Episode 4

Side-Body Opening

5 min - Practice


Refresh in five minutes. Brenda shares an energizing sequence to create more space through the side body, shoulders, and hips.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Join me at the top of the mat for a little side body diddy. We're going to open up, create a little bit of space. Go through the feet, find a moment to ground. Palms press down and then exhale. Inhale sweeping the arms up.

Inhale fold forward, uttanasana. Inhale rise up halfway, place the palms option of stepping or hopping back. Chaturanga. Inhale urdvamukha. Exhale back.

On an inhale take the right leg up. Exhale knee to nose, nice and slow. Place the foot down, warrior two on the inhale. Exhale heels in divanasana. To take the arms to the side just like you're carrying a full stack of plates, chin in line with the sternum, and just start out nice and easy.

As you start to get going you can start to throw the back elbow just a little bit, depending how it feels, a little self adjustment. Then start to slow it down. Open it out warrior two towards the back of your mat, take the left palm up and back. Inhale take it all the way through vinyasa, chaturanga outer arms draw in, inhale, exhale back. On an inhale take the left leg up, exhale knee in.

Place the foot warrior two rise up, right into divanasana, palms up. From here start to take the arms out and around like you're creating big figure eights. Slow the gaze with your hands, that way the head just turns a bit. Outer thighs draw back, so legs are stable. And then you choose the speed.

Slow it down and move it in the opposite direction, and then slow it down, warrior two back to the front. Right palm less, take it up and back, exhale take it all the way through, chaturanga or to the floor or simply take it back to downward facing dog. Exhale back. Right side again, inhale right leg lifts, exhale knee in. Place the foot warrior two, arms sweep up, exhale divanasana, imagine a giant ball taffy in front of you on it, inhale open it up, stretch it apart, exhale hands come back together.

Inhale open, exhale. Two more in, good, one more, good. Find center, open up the arms warrior two, left palm less, take it all the way through, palms to the floor, chaturanga, inhale, exhale back. Last time through inhale, left leg lifts, knee to nose, place the foot warrior two, rise up, good, heels in, toes out, divanasana. Good for this last one, coming back to just carrying plates, nice and slow.

And then slow it down, we're going to turn it into reaching forward and reaching back. So twisting the wrists as if you're moving and turning open the doorknob. Just out down low, and then reach up around the belly button, right around the center, and then up towards the throat. Continue to lift up, then all the way up and all the way down, and slow it down, come back to center, open up warrior two, reverse, last vinyasa through, exhale, windmill it down. Outer arms draw in, heart forward, inhale, exhale back.

Take the gaze forward, step or hop the feet between the hands, inhale, exhale, fold, root through the feet, inhale, rise up, exhale, hands to the heart. Just taking a moment to feel the energy, and thank you for joining me for a Little Side Body Diddy.


Mara P
Perfect reset and refresh!
Gabriel W
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Yay! Fun!

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