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The Song of Self Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 17

2.33 - 2.36: Don't Cave In

10 min - Talk


James recites and translates verses 2.33 - 2.36 from the Gita. Krishna reminds Arjuna what will happen if he caves in and does not fight. James further unpacks this teaching—when we know what we need to do and don't do it, we invite further suffering. However, when we know what we need to do and do it, we bolster our resources and align with our true nature.
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Dec 18, 2015
Jnana, Bhakti
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I see 2:31-2:32 as taking on our real responsibilities that life offers us. I am a psychologist, and I work with teens in trouble with the law. They often state that they "want more freedom," but they do everything that restricts their freedom. Since the word "freedom" is thrown around so freely in our culture, I replaced the word freedom with the word possibilities and the word choice with the word opportunity. I then can define being "responsible as showing concern and caring about our opportunities and possibilities in a confident manner." As the existentialists have taught us - we can't have real freedom without taking on our responsibilities. (Art McKenna, Psy.D.
Arthur your reformulation of these key terms is very helpful. 
These verses remind me that often the voice of the heart speaks the truth and the "obstacles" put up a fight.  And if you cave in and don't do what your heart tells you is right you become an even louder critic of yourself; like James' explanation of pāpa, action which causes the person who does it and others to suffer, the world around me suffers but I feel the suffering the most...and suffering lasts longer than good advice from kṛṣṇa and thank you James for making the verses come alive !

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