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Season 1 - Episode 7

Chatty Mind Meditation

15 min - Practice


Continuing our practice of expansion, Linda guides us into a meditation to allow our minds to do their jobs. Let the thoughts roll, baby.
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Namaste. Welcome back. So, in an earlier time together, I was sharing my experience in India, where I was learning about this sense of suffering due to obsessive, self-centric thinking. And, as we were talking about it, I moved us into the language that we, sort of pile on, when it comes to challenges that we face. And so, for example, on a physical realm, when you've hurt your shoulder or you have a bum hip, it's the language around, it's the emotions, and the language around that event that actually causes suffering. And so instead of saying, huh, I have this, this sort of catch in my hip, I really need to, kind of, pay attention to it.

I need really, maybe go get some body work, or see where I land. Or, I have this shoulder that might need a little physical therapy. Instead, my mind says, oh my gosh, I have this horrible hip. It's so stupid, I can't do anything I used to do, that must mean that I'll never do it again. So, we get into that whole obsession around the negative feelings about ourselves.

So, I got to thinking about the mind, because it's easy for us to say, okay, stop thinking about that. But in fact, what does the mind do? The mind thinks. The yoga's talking about two particular minds. And so, the mono-microtia, the thinking mind, is the mind that's not very discerning, and what it does for living is flits from one thing to another to another Sometimes you feel like there's a pattern, sometimes there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to where you're going.

So, when we teach mediation, what we often say is, let the thinking, you notice you're thinking. Just come back to the breath. Let it go. Come back to the breath. In an effort, not to stop the thinking, but to maybe quiet the mind a little bit.

So, I thought it might be interesting, instead of always stopping the thoughts and coming back, what would it be like to just let the thoughts go? Let it just happen, and see where you go. And the very first time I did it, I have to say, it was a little disconcerting. and maybe, even a little bit, I got a little frantic around it because I wasn't quite sure if I needed t control it, if I needed to reign it back in. But, by letting them go, it was so liberating to me to see that there really was no rhyme or reason, and that I could be right in my experience, and have this be happening.

So, I'd like to invite you to do the same thing with me. So, we'll start today with a simple mediation, just so that we can bring ourselves into the body, and just, kind of, bring everything together, all the parts. So, go ahead and find a nice comfortable seat. We'll be here for little while. You can sit on a block like I am, or two blocks, or sit cross legged, or sit in a chair.

But, what I'd like, and I think what is most important is to have some length in your spine. So, as you sit up tall, see if you can experience a slight curvature in the low back, as your pelvis comes forward. Clavicles are smiling, and your hands are resting either on your thighs, palms down or with palms up, and simply close your eyes. Just take a moment now to feel your sitting bones on your support, noticing perhaps if you're gripping the muscles in your pelvic floor. Can you release those down onto your support?

Taking a nice, deep breath in through the nose. Exhale through the mouth, and just, awe, sigh it all the way out. And again, a nice inhale through the nose, and a deep sigh all the way out, and just begin to notice your breath. One thing that helps me not be so insistent on following my breath, is to simply touch the exhale. Don't worry so much about the inhale.

It's gonna, kind of, come on it's own. You can almost guarantee you, simply noticing the exhale. And, allow yourself to still be aware of your surroundings; being aware of the air on your skin, perhaps, the sounds in or out of the room. All the while, touching in on the exhale. It may not take very much time before thoughts start to bubble up.

When you notice them, simply label that thinking, and come back to the exhale. You may notice feelings that arise. Same thing, just notice the sensation, return to the exhale. Now, for the next five minutes, I invite you to remain seated, and just allow your thoughts as they come, to keep coming, not trying to stop them, not trying to return, simply allow the thoughts to arise. I shall be here with you, and, periodically, I will check in to remind you that we're doing this practice together.

Begin now to come back to the breath, inhaling and gently exhaling. And, after the exhale, just allow the pause to happen. Allow the mind to settle, and the breath to deepen, and whenever you're ready, simply open your eyes. I encourage you to play with this practice, maybe for even a longer time, And, just notice, perhaps if there's a connection between your chatty mind and the rhythm and the texture of your breath. I like to journal after.

I often do this 20 or 30 minutes, and then spend about five or 10 minutes jotting down observations and realizations. So, I wish you a good chat. Namaste.


Bridgid M
Linda....Beautiful Smile! ~ Thank You
Layla T
What a beautiful practice! Thank you so very much for sharing. This felt truly healing and calming throughout. Your energy is infectious

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