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Linda Sparrowe

Linda Sparrowe

Read About This Teacher Linda is an honest yogini who embodies a deep inner wisdom and generosity of heart. Passionate, visionary, and spunky, Linda has an established career as a writer, editor, speaker, and mentor in the holistic healing arena, with a special emphasis on women’s health.

Through her dedicated work and candidness, Linda has been instrumental in bringing the authentic voice of yoga to yogis on the planet—helping us understand the connection between our health and the choices we make in our everyday lives, as well as unearthing the relationship with our own body image, in the light of the modern yoga scene.

Linda is the former editor-in-chief of Yoga International magazine and past managing editor of Yoga Journal. As editorial director of InnoVision Health Media, Linda relaunched Alternative Medicine magazine as Natural Solutions: Vibrant Health, Balanced Living—to great acclaim. She has authored many books, including: Yoga At Home: Inspiration for Creating Your Own Personal Practice; A Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health: A Lifelong Guide to Wellness (with Patricia Walden); Yoga for Healthy Bones; Yoga for Healthy Menstruation; and Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book. Her newest release, YogaMama, will arrive in bookstores in January 2016. Linda is also on the advisory board of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and has contributed a chapter in the book Yoga and Body Image.

A long-time yoga teacher from OM yoga/NYC, Linda co-leads the Courageous Women, Fearless Living retreats for women touched by cancer—her heart's work. She also leads workshops for yoga teachers on how to teach women who may be facing any number of challenges from body issues to anxiety or depression.
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