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Yoga Love

Fall in love with yourself. This collection of yoga practices, talks, and discussions will result in a more loving and kind relationship with all beings.

Season 1 - Love Your Age

Linda Sparrowe leads us through asana practices, talks, and meditations centered on body image and yoga to help nurture a loving connection with ourselves.

Season 2 - Love Your Body

In Season 2, Julie will share a series of inclusive practices, talks, and journaling exercises with the intention of developing a more vibrant, healing, and loving connection to our bodies. These practices were specifically designed for those yogis who identify with living in a larger body, however, anyone is welcome to participate.

Season 3 - Love Your Insides

In Season 3, Melody will share practices, meditations, and talks to help you fall more in love with you. Together, we will explore themes of compassion, forgiveness, integrity, transition, and self-love throughout this season.

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