Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Nathan Briner

Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Nathan Briner

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Kavita N
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I am truly glad you created this series Nathan! I have enjoyed your previous series and this new challenge is already proving to be a treat!
Terrie K
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Great challenge so far.  We are on Day 4.  I like the reminder emails.  We have to download the videos to watch them because our internet has problems streaming at times, so it doesn't always show that we have done the videos.
Hari Kirin K
I'm happy to be practicing with you Nathan and with the group. I am enjoying the classes. I have been a yoga teacher my whole life but now at 64, I have osteoporosis so I am substituting for the forward bends and twists. Still, it's a great class and I feel the benefits of this focused half hour each morning.
Christine F
I am really grateful for this series, Nathan...I feel my entire body opening up. Yes, I have some work to do to build up to some of the more advanced asanas, but this is a really terrific, all encompassing series. Many, many thanks to you and to Yoga Anytime! Namaste.
Anthony S
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Hi - i am interested to know if i can work through the challenge at my own pace, as I feel as though i might want to repeat some classes & I don’t always get to practice every day.
Eliana C
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Hello Nathan! It's been a fantastic experience, thank you. Your focus and strength are inspiring. I love the Hanumanasana. I'm looking forward to practicing on day 23rd!
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I am practicing Yoga on a regular bases from last 15 years. I love this series  and above all it helped for more flexibility and improved my yoga flow. I love the he split these 30 sessions with different focus. Great Job !
Sheila L
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I have the same question as Anthony.  I'm not necessarily able to keep to the daily timetable and I would like to repeat certain classes.
Laura D
Just finished the 30 days and absolutely loved it! Thank you so much 😊 
Christel B
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I’m starting to automatically recall the alignment cues you’ve been teaching us and my body loves being aligned!  Thank you for your thorough lessons.
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