Yoga Power Hour: Free the Body and Mind
Mary Dana Abbott

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so cool! thank you Mary Dana Abbott !!!
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gorgeous. just my speed. love the innovation and funky poses. fun and engaging and i feel open and strong from this practice. thank you!
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Hi Dana,
Enjoyed your sequence and creative transitions
Could you please clarify in Trikonasana, are both thighs internally rotating and abducting ? Or only one?
What is the correct cue for the front thigh to get the '"clear fold"
Thank you!
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Super series of yoga flows Mary, plenty of challenge and sweat! I really have felt the progress I am making through your clear instruction and posture packed, highly varied flows. I am so pleased that I been able to bind where previously I couldn't and that I have found greater deepness in many poses. 
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i really loved this class. Thanks!
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i love this series, have done it so many times!!
That was fun and exhausting. I made sure to eat a lot afterwards, so I don’t have a blood sugar drop again after practicing with you. My whole body was worked and stretched. Perch is so much easier now, and I dug the leading with the heart cues. You brought me back down into a peaceful place in the end. Thank you! 
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Revisited this practice after a couple of years and found it AMAZING! I love the ‘heart chasing the wrist’ cue. Thanks Mary Dana.
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