Asana Studies: Back Body Sensing<br>Zeynep Celen

Asana Studies: Back Body Sensing
Zeynep Celen

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Ferda Ö
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Zeynep, practicing yoga with you again is so nice. Thank you for this gentle practice. I've been so sick for a few days. All of my back muscles were too tense. Now, I fell absolutely better. Namaste...
Johanna L
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Agree with Ferda, such a pleasure I feel calm and strong. Thank you!
Zeynep Celen
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Dear Ferda, I apologize for my late reply. It's great to see that you are also here! Thank you for practicing! Hope you are feeling better by now and am glad to hear that yoga and this class eased your way into healing...Namaste
Zeynep Celen
Dear Johanna, thank you, too! For practicing and giving feedback. It's always great to hear feedback and especially that feeling strong can come with feeling calm. That is exactly what I aim for...
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Tastes good again and inspired me with all movements every time. Not only asanas; words and feelings too/. Thank you dear :)
Zeynep Celen
Thank you Ezgicim!! for watching and for teaching and inspiring others around you ( with your passion towards yoga and your love of animals)
John Jackson
Had some trapezius pain, likely due to tension. This has relieved it. Thank you so much. A beautiful practice! X
Phuong E
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I love how refreshed my mind f eels after practicing with you. My body feels excitement and delight when I anticipate your classes! Thank you!
Elissa P
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I'm returning to these practices of yours, and rediscovering how much I love them (and you!). Thank you so much. Today I felt on the verge of tears the whole time, in gratitude of rediscovery, and in sadness for how easy it is to drift away from dropping "back" into feeling vs. running forward and go go going all the time.) 
Zeynep Celen
Elissa Thank you for practicing with me and for your lovely message. 

I realize now that I have not thanked yet Phuong  and John Jackson for writing comments and practicing with me too! Sending you all love and gratitude and thanks from a warm sunny day in Switzerland. Hope you are all doing well. 
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