Wait for It: Principles of a Yin Practice<br>Kira Sloane

Wait for It: Principles of a Yin Practice
Kira Sloane

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????????????....great introductions Kira. Looking forward to tuning in much more to yogaanytime as Well as Building my own home practice. Gerdi ????
Macha B
So well explained. Bravo, and thank you!
Spencer M
Hi Kira!

At around 4:35 you mentioned that more and more research shows that flexibility is more a quality of the nervous system than of muscles, tendons, etc.. Fascinating! If you have any papers, articles, or short book recommendations or links exploring this research, I'd love to check them out!

Kira Sloane
Hi Spencer! You can get started here with the amazing Brook Thomas of the Liberated Body Podcast.
http://breakingmuscle.com/mobility -recovery/stretching-doesnt-work-th e-way-you-think-it-does
Katherine F
thanks Kira. And I appreciate Spencer's question as i have the same.......what an absolutely fascinating topic and i will look into that podcast....but would love if you explain more as well in future.
Kira Sloane
Hi there Katherine! You and Spencer have inspired me to put together a blog post pointing towards resources. Like every topic, its endless and fascinating. Meanwhile, I hope you like Brook's podcast!
Laura B
You've got the CUTEST leggings!!! Can you share the designer's name?
Kira Sloane
Hi Laura, thank you and of course! KDeer is the brand. She has an online store. I love them! xok
Victoria S
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Hi Kira Sloane! I'm brand new to yoga (actually just starting to flirt with it) but quite seasoned in other somatic psycho-physical practices and your explanations and general demeanor, spoke directly to my heart and mind. Thank you! I've truly been inspired to delve deeper into Yoga. Blessings from Uruguay!
Kira Sloane
So glad you are here, Victoria! Look forward to hearing about your findings. With Love, Kira
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