Wait for It: Principles of a Yin Practice<br>Kira Sloane

Wait for It: Principles of a Yin Practice
Kira Sloane

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Kate M
Ashtanga being my main practice style, I've always had a not so positive view of yin practice. Also, my joints tend to be more open, and I need to work stabilizing strength to counter that, so yin has usually not felt very good in my body. BUT I've been asked to sub for a yin class this Tuesday so I'm doing a little investigation... I really like your explanation here. The connective tissue theory I've read about is not very convincing... but to use yin as a lead in to a sitting practice makes more sense to me...
Ali Cramer
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Kira Sloane thank you so much, so beautifully expressed and loving in your approach, as always! 
Kira Sloane
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Ali Cramer, what are you doing over here in this corner of Yoga Anytime? xoox
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