The Happy Back Show: Breathing into the Low Back
Kira Sloane

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Thank you Kira! I am so grateful that we have these 10 min. sessions. Please keep them! It's perfect for the evening, when shorter is better as I'm winding down. I love the breathing into the back! And child's pose is my favorite. What a sweet feeling to rest there
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I love this video. The length is perfect to start me moving every morning. I have a lot of lower back and hip issues and these moves loosen me up so I can have a productive day. Thank you. I am currently checking out other ones for strengthening my back and hips.
Dearest Jeannie, I am so happy this practice is working! Glad you are here. xok
That was outstanding...thank you!!! My first class on here and it was ACE!!
Welcome here, Clare! Happy to be together. xok
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A nice, gentle way to open my low back in the morning. The breath helps relieve the tension and ease the pain. Thank you Kira, lovely way to start my day.
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my back feels soooo much better know
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Kira Sloane - thank you so much for this gentle opportunity for attunement to my body, after a long day at my desk. I feel revitalized!
Question: Is there a modification/alternative you might recommend for Child's Pose? My knees cannot sustain a deep bend. Thanks in advance! Namaste  
Dearest Gail, thank you so much for asking for an alternative. Sometimes I place  2 rolled up blankets or a bolster in the crease of the knees so that I am supported without the demand of flexion. Sometimes I skip child's pose and lie on back and just let my knees fall into my chest, supporting under the knees with my hands to avoid the pain. To get the soft rounding and support without the knee flexion, I will also round over in chair, letting my chest fall towards my thighs. Let me know what you find yourself doing. xok
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