The Happy Back Show: Breathing into the Low Back
Kira Sloane

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Kira Sloane - thank you so much! I appreciate your kind suggestions, and am experimenting with them. So far, lying on back with knees to chest is best for me (and if I'm feeling ambitious that day, I might add in  a bit of 'Happy Baby' ;)
Thank you again, Kira! -Gail
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Gail so happy!
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Dear Kira that was amazing, thank you so much. i,m suffering low back pain due to overstretching and lifting at work. iwas finding it difficult just gettimg ouy of bed! after tenderly doing Breathing into lower back, WOW things certainly loosening Thank you so much i will repeat this
Mary L, such wonderful news!! Warmly, Kira

Thanks for this great practice and for this great tips, Kira! Kind regards!
Sandra Ž, nice to see you today!
Sandra Ž, funny! I was commenting from Alana's computer and therefore I got a lot prettier and younger in that above comment!

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Nice awareness. 
Sara S, ! xoK
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