Keepin` it Real: Good Morning Stretch
Robert Sidoti

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Yes! Thank you Josie for your clarification on this, team effort always wins:))
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Great start to the day Robert - I particularly liked the positive self talk you added at the end. Namaste
One of my favorites, love the morning routines Celia! The positive self love/talk seems to be just as important as anything else given our tendencies to be so harsh with ourselves:) Namaste and have a great day!
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GLORIOUS, gentle way to awaken. I have tight hips and lower back pain, this practice was wonderful in opening and lubricating all thoses tight places. The breath increses the feeling of expansion. I will do this every morning before any other practice, it's a lovely way for me to open and stretch. Thank you for this session Robert.
Hi Joan! Seems like the sessions are feeling good for you, I love it! This morning sequence is one of my favorites, especially when my body is feeling a little sore or tight, wakes everything up to help me 'move' into my day! Thank you for your comments and look forward to more virtual connection:))
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Love doing this practice with Robert first thing in the a.m. Such a great way to start the day and he always makes me feel more positive!! If I don't have time then even his 10 min morning stretch is perfect...esp since he says "get your coffee first " Thanks Robert!!
Hey there Athena! Always gotta get the coffee first:)) So happy you choose to start your day with me, doesn't it feel so good in the body to begin a day like that??!! I'm a different person for sure when I don't. Stay positive my friend, sending a big hug from the east coast!
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I really like Robert's teaching style. His explanations of postures make you very aware of exactly how the pose should feel.
We’re glad you enjoy their practice Susan !! It’s one of my personal favorites and I as well love and NEED this type of movement to start my day:) Grateful for your comment!
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You are the best! i really love your energy! your classes make me feel really good. thank you
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