Keepin` it Real: Good Morning Stretch
Robert Sidoti

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Hey Veronica !! I Love your comment and I'm so happy you feel the way you do!! YOU are the best, keep up the practice and enjoy the ride!! 
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fantastic! you are a wonderful teacher. thank you!
Hi Kerry !! So happy you enjoy the practice! Nice to meet you here - and thank you :) 
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Hi Robert
Always feels so spacious and positive after your practices!. I loved this great start to my day. I may use this practice every day this week to get through a tricky week. Namaste Lou
Hey there LOUISE F  - how did the practice work for you this 'tricky' week you had? Did a steady morning practice help you to move into your day with intention and purpose as you moved through your days? :) 
Still learning from you. Thanks for your kindness.
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