30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Just Show Up<br>Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Just Show Up
Robert Sidoti

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Randy B
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Day 1. This is perfect. Thank you. (My dog and cat joining in too for extra challenge. )
Sharylyn M.
Looking forward for the next session.
Robert Sidoti
Welcome everyone! Keep posting along the way how you feel, I'm sure it inspires and helps the others who are just starting out!
I receive notifications when you post, so if you have a particular question or thought, post it and I'll be sure to get to it:)
Dannette W
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Day 1 complete! I found your instruction regarding flexing the elbows out a bit during downward dog to be very helpful - it is a pose I struggle with. Looking forward to Day 2!
Harnam Kaur G
Robert; perfect work and delivery, appreciate the reminders to let go, and not judge-- my hockey guy loves you and i sent an invite to all my soul family on FB- yogi and non males in the tribe because you have an approachable mans man vibe; which will make all this(yoga) so much more approachable; especially to my cowboy gun slinging cousins in Texas and to the east. big love to you for doing this work and shinning the light in resetting my own practice xoox muah! hk
Shelley C
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Hey Robert, where are you located? I love the sea view in the background. And thank you to BROGA for the 30-day free trial :)
Luisa C
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It's great to be connected to people from all around the world 🙏🏼 I showed up today and will do so hopefully for the next 29 days, from Brazil :)
Nice way to start a new year!
Cindy K
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Great way to start the new year. Thank you. Nice intro to the challenge. Just wondering though, will the remainder of the daily challenges include savasana at the end of the practice?
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Hey Robert - you are a part of pretty well every morning with your 10 minute start my day. My partner laughs about grab your hot beverage. Looking forward to this challenge. First day was great. What a wonderful way to start the New Year!
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Hey Luisa and everyone - I'm from Vancouver Island Canada - where is everyone else from
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