30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Athletic & Kinetic<br>Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Athletic & Kinetic
Robert Sidoti

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Jill E
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Great practice, thanks Robert
Robert Sidoti
My pleasure Jill! Feel free to message me if you have questions, keep up the good work!!
Robert Sidoti
Good morning, afternoon or evening my friends!! It's Day 7! You're moving right along, do your best to embrace where you are, before you know it it'll be Day 30!
Astrid U
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Great progression!!! thank you Robert!!
Shelley K
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Robert, thank you. I've been doing yoga for 10+ years but this challenge has been a good reminder that my body needs 20 minutes daily more than 90 minutes once a week. :)
Robert Sidoti
You are welcome Astrid!!
Shelley, welcome! I love your comment about needing 20 minutes per day rather than 90 minutes once a week:) I'm a big believer in daily movement, even if it's 10 minutes! Enjoy the challenge and keep me posted as you go along!
Luisa C
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Great day! Day 7! This has been really a big thing for me. I agree with Shelly and Robert about it being an everyday thing, and, for me, personally, meeting here first thing in the morning has been helping me align with many other things.
Thanks again Robert!
Dannette W
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Previewing Day 7 I was intimidated but I showed up and did better than I thought I would. Progression its a good thing! Thank You
Robert Sidoti
That's so great to hear Luisa! Ultimately that's a huge part of the practice ... how yoga on the mat carries over into your 'off the mat' day to day life. Love that you mention it 'helping to align with many other things' :) Thank you for sharing with all of us Luisa!
Robert Sidoti
How were you intimidated Dannette? And in what way did you do better? Could be helpful for others as they embark on what may be intimidating for them. Thanks for all of your comments and thoughts!
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