30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Athletic & Kinetic<br>Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Athletic & Kinetic
Robert Sidoti

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Maria Elena D
I'm with you Shelley and Robert, all week I was aware of how the daily 20 minute session felt overall better to me. Sure I experienced some achiness, but more than that, I felt a delightful openness and expansion. early morning meditation, asanas and breakfast and I'm off to whatever the day may bring. thank you Robert, the progression is very manageable and welcoming. good day all!
Vanessa B
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Hi Robert! Thanks for this practice. I wanted to ask you about downward dog with the blocks. I have right wrist issues that usually hurt in downward dog. With the blocks, I find it less painful to expand my hand wider and grip my thumb and pinky finger on the sides of the block to try to have equal weight. Is that ok? Regardless, I am able to stay up in those wrist poses much more now without pain, which is amazing. Thank you!
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Vanessa! It's totally ok to use the blocks in order to find relief of pain in the wrist. Are you saying that now that you've used the blocks, you're now stronger and can hold poses longer without pain? Or you can hold the poses longer without pain still using blocks? Either is awesome, who wants to be in pain?! :)
So happy you've joined and are enjoying! Message me anytime for questions!
Dannette W
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Robert addressing my earlier comments I usually preview each daily video before I actually jump in so I can better prepare myself (mentally more than physically) Facing new positions is always intimidating to me because I raise the bar so high for myself that it seems like failure if I can't actually do the poses. It's a learning curve to just take each move as it comes and to at least TRY. I went into this day a little hesitant and felt a big sense of achievement in just wading into the deep end and trying a few new things even if they're not always perfect. Not automatically limiting myself or bringing the negativity into my practice is very freeing.
Paige G
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Hey Robert, a couple of questions: Do you have any tips for better ways of keeping alignment while using blocks in downward dog? I don't have an issue keeping my hips square in the pose without the blocks, but it is a lot harder with them (maybe that's your point haha). Also, sometimes when I'm in side plank, all of the sensation gets stuck in my top leg's hip flexor. Granted, this is my least favorite pose, so just getting up into the pose is tough enough, but I'm hoping you can enlighten me with some pointers. Let me know!
Janet S
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Lovet this series Robert. I am feeling strong again in hips and core. Love having a new routine to get me started each day. Namaste
Robert Sidoti
Thanks for the clarification Dannette! Sounds like you are beginning to ease up on yourself a bit as you head into the more challenging postures, love that! We 'expect' so much from ourselves and feel like we come up short all too often, such a vicious cycle. Having high standards and working hard for something is awesome, in the meantime, during the practice and journey to get there, I find it helpful to practice 'contentment', or Santosha:) Being completely happy and content with where you are in any given moment, all while knowing you are doing the work to improve or achieve a certain something. Hope that makes sense to you or anyone else reading:)
Robert Sidoti
So happy you've joined us Janet!
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Paige, thanks for the questions! I'm not sure I totally understand the hips and blocks in downward dog?? Having them maintain square shouldn't change wether on the floor or blocks, at least not that I can see in this moment:) As for side plank, yeah that's a tough one for a lot of folks! Sounds like an over compensation in upper hip flexor area you mention. I always try to bring attention to the low waist (obliques) as a place to engage. The obliques closest to the floor on whatever side you're on. The legs are also a big player in the pose, as is the upper back across shoulder blades. See below for more info:)
Robert Sidoti
Basically what I'm trying to say is that with some more practice and some 'knee down' modifications, you'll begin to figure out how to engage multiple areas of effort to hold the pose more well balanced and not just your hip flexor as you mention. It is a difficult pose. If you are in side plank with left arm up, try bringing your right knee to mat directly under your hip for support, build from there. Thanks and hope this is helpful!
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