Aligned With Breath: Quiet Hips<br>Margi Young

Aligned With Breath: Quiet Hips
Margi Young

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Erika H
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I loved this, Margi! So creative, and your energy is so helpful. I enjoyed the challenge of lifting, in 1/2 lotus, up to vasisthasana (can't do it yet!).
Virginia F
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Excellant! Thank you very very much!
Francie W
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What a beautiful practice! Some parts were quite hard for me, especially holding fire log on one side. I can't wait to come back for more - I feel so much more free now. Thank you!
Margi Young
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thanks Francie - I like the shift in attitude of being excited when something is hard, because i can work on something, and maybe in that work find some sort of illumination!
Margi Young
Virginia - thank you for practicing and letting me know!

Margi Young
Francie - Freedom is where it's at! Yeah.
Pascale W
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Thank you Margi for this wonderfully class. Soothing and fun!
Christel B
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Loving the focus on stabilizing the sacrum and hips plus being offered variations to make the pose accessible.
Brett Williams
praeclarus magistra
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Beautiful practice. There were two postures I’ve never come across before and ways of transitioning that brought fresh delight.
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