Yoga for Body & Mind with Jasmine Tarkeshi: Blissful Bedtime Routine<br>Jasmine Tarkeshi

Yoga for Body & Mind with Jasmine Tarkeshi: Blissful Bedtime Routine
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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Tina B
Thank you Jasmine! Feeling very relaxed now. Namaste
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Tina You are so welcome, Tina! I'm happy to know this practice brought you peace. Please join me again soon! Namaste
Sky Ellen B
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Thank you Jasmine : )
Liza S
Thank you so much Jasmine !
Glenford N
Thanks. I love your bedtime practice. Perfect for a peaceful sleep. Namaste.
Simon ?
Loved this Jasmine. I'm left feeling loose and ready to begin a more relaxed day. Blessings!
Donna C
Thank you Jasmine. I have a tough time calming down at the end of the day. Your routine worked perfectly for me. Good night. Namesta
Jamie P
Such a great bedtime routine! Namaste 🙏
Kate M
This was so gentle and lovely. Thank you, Jasmine.  : )
Kate M
ahhh... b l i s s f u l .  .   .
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