21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 17: Om Shanti<br>Nikki Estrada

21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 17: Om Shanti
Nikki Estrada

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Kate what a lovely observation about the sounds in shanti. If you get to spend more time with this mantra, let us know how it goes :)
Curtis Hamilton
At times slightly distracted with thoughts yet this was the most relaxing and peaceful I have felt in months. Heart rate slowed down quite a bit by the time I competed meditation using this mantra.
Dawn A
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Today's practice was a little easier. I feel like I was able to relax into it more.  Thank you for this challenge! 
Nikki Estrada
Dawn thank you for taking it! 
Sara S
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OK, that was good. I found myself being more in the moment than ever before. Controlling thoughts of past and future experiences was less relevant. I think today was an AHA  moment
Nikki Estrada
Sara S yay that's wonderful. 
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