21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 21: Surrender and Trust<br>Nikki Estrada

21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 21: Surrender and Trust
Nikki Estrada

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Curtis Hamilton
Thank you. I can practice without you now but not sure I want to. You are a part of my meditation habit and I will miss your guidance.
Kira Sloane
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Curtis, so happy you completed the 21 days! You can always replay your favorites. Glad you are here. Love, Kira
Carol G
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I love this practice so much, I can't leave you Nikki!!! I'm going to replay them.
Nikki Estrada
Carol excellent! thank you for the positive feedback..
Ben R
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Miigwech (thank you in Ojibwe Language) . A wonderful sense of openness and trust has been developed in me from your teachings. I especially appreciate the awareness that comes with surrendering to the power of the language that a mantra gives a person. I will replay daily. Miigwech, Ben.
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a truly great series - you've given me a real boost with my practice. huge thanks.
Nikki Estrada
Good Matthew !! So happy to hear it’s supported you & your practice.
Jennifer D
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Thank you πŸ•‰πŸ™
Melissa H
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I loved feeling like the mantra was carrying me. I'll carry that on for future sessions! Thank you!!
Glenford N
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Thanks Nikki. I will continue doing the 21 Day Challenge every other day. And do yoga on the off day. You have been an inspiration. Namaste.
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