The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 2: Cultivate Kindness<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 2: Cultivate Kindness
Wade Gotwals

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Stefanie N
Thanks so much for your quirky enthusiasm !  Love and light from Reunion island
I’m so lucky ...thank you from my heart ❤️
Brenda S
I like the sequence and the options provided to go deeper in a pose, Wade. Namaste
Anastasia T
Day 2!  Loved it.  What a nice sequence - challenging yet with a supportive pace.  If that makes sense.  :). Thank you.  - Anastasia
HI Anastasia T, it's so great to hear from you and love that you connected with this...I totally get what you mean!!
Jeanette C
What is the lovely moving Mudra at the end called? 
These practices are quite challenging for me but I'm still enjoying & gaining so much. The pace allows me to adjust as needed. 
kind, challenging and fun 

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