The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 2: Cultivate Kindness<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 2: Cultivate Kindness
Wade Gotwals

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Elissa P
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Wonderful and creative sequencing, and nice prompts for "the head space" as well .... to bring more consciousness to the heart space. Once again, great way to begin the day with consciousness rather than launching with rushed and automized habituated UNawareness.
Christel B
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Appreciative of all the variations of each pose to make it what we need.
María A
Thanks. I just finish the class and l craying my chakra is alive 💚 Namasté
Thanks Elissa! It can be hard to move into the heart space in our society... Thanks for being open and going for it!
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HI Christel! Glad the variations are working, good to have feedback for future videos, you never know if you are saying too much or not enough, so thank you!!

HI Maria! You are spot on for the color of the heart chakra, favorite color GREEN!
Christel B
Loved the ending!
Michelle G
I loved it but had to stop since I just could not get a good connection and you kept repeating everything. All good though, I will see you tomorrow,
Thanks Christel, glad you connected with it!
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Hi Michelle, so basically you have the first part memerized by heart, hope you can get it to work!
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