45 Minute Yoga Flows: Strong Core, Open Heart<br>Dana Slamp

45 Minute Yoga Flows: Strong Core, Open Heart
Dana Slamp

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Dana Slamp
Thank you LLydia Zamorano - that’s sweet of you! Namaste, Dana Slamp
Heather B
Hi Dana- I'm so glad I found you here on Yoga Anytime.  Really enjoying your classes in my living room!! XO - Heather
Dana Slamp
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Aw, thanks Heather - I’m glad you found me too! 🤣 It takes discipline to practice on your own, and it sound like you have it. Keep practicing! Warmly, Dana
I really enjoyed the creativity of this class with variations I haven’t done before. I loved the opening of the rockstar and sail poses. Your singing and harmonium playing is such a gorgeous indulgence at the end. Thank you Dana.
Dana Slamp
You’re so welcome, Ali. Good to “see” you here again, and keep practicing! Warmly, Dana
Staci H
Beautiful sequence, namaste!
Dana Slamp
Thanks Staci - Namastay safe
Sarah B
Awesome sequence. Loved it!  Namaste
Dana Slamp
Thanks Sarah - glad it served you
Gabriel W
great practice Thank you
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