Welcome to Ashtanga: Sun Salutation A<br>Dylan Bernstein

Welcome to Ashtanga: Sun Salutation A
Dylan Bernstein

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Kate M
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It's all here! Very reassuring too, for beginners for whom the Ashtanga practice can be entirely intimidating.
Dylan Bernstein
Hey Kate , Great that you are in for the new season! Please share with those intimidated beginners! We want them welcomed into the practice. D
Kristin F
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I'm a beginner to this practice, and feel welcomed :) Thank you! It's exactly what I was looking for.
Dylan Bernstein
Hi Kristin ... that's great to hear. We certain want you feeling welcomed! Be in touch with any questions whatsoever. And keep enjoying your practice! D
Stacie C
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This was exactly what I was needing! Now I feel like my Ashtanga journey can begin! Thank you!
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a lovely way to spend 10 minutes! thanks.
yutao (Ginger)
love the guidence and the energy , bring my self awareness out immidiately
Dylan Bernstein
Boom, so great to hear that the awareness can so quicly flow. There are moments when I think I'm about to lose it.. and then like stepping under a waterfall, i'm engulfed in awareness. Let's keep finding ways to access that together. D
Marilo N
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Thank you Dylan. I have been practicing ashtanga on and off for a few years but always alone (from a book and from cd's) and I never have taken the time to really begin at the beginning and take the time with each posture. This sun salutation video was amazing. I really understood the importance of the breath in a way that I have not before. I am very excited to be a beginner again and to start my ashtanga journey from the right place- taking my time and taking pause in the postures that I really need to hone in order to make my practice richer and deeper.
Dylan Bernstein
Yay, Marilo ! It is wonderful to hear that you are open to becoming a beginner. It might be the most difficult state to maintain! And it's the one we all enter with. I try to keep the beginners' mind throughout practice and I think waiting for the breath is a great tool.
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