Welcome to Ashtanga: Sun Salutation A<br>Dylan Bernstein

Welcome to Ashtanga: Sun Salutation A
Dylan Bernstein

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yutao (Ginger)
off mat few days during the Christmas,feel awful about myself and my practise. 10 minutes practise after this video,found my positive energy flow back ...
Laura M
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Thank you!!!!
Dylan Bernstein
Laura you are most welcome. Please keep practicing and keep in touch with any questions! 
Dylan Bernstein
yutao (Ginger)  you need not worry about a little tiny absence here and there. Your dedicated practice is really showing great results and will continue.. for years to come! 
Adriana M
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I love the emphasis on the breath that Ashtanga provides, and I loved how you explained the importance of this element on your videos. Thank you for sharing your beautiful knowledge and practice.
Dylan Bernstein
Adriana Thanks for getting it! It really is about the breath. Once we realize that, then this practice is accessible to all and infinitely deep. I'm really happy to hear that the message is transmitting all the way to you! 
Katarina V
Revisiting this prectice. How nice! Thank you!
Siana E
Thank you Dylan for this wonderful practice!
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Dylan, for this great practice! It is nice to be aware of breath while doing yoga practice! Namaste! 🌞🌼
Dylan Bernstein
Sandra Židan I'm so glad you absorbed the message! Now you can have breath based practice anytime, anywhere! 🙏🏾 🪷
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