Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 9: Rhythmic Flow<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 9: Rhythmic Flow
Shelley Williams

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Jeannie S.
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HI, I thought the push up on the chaturanga was a big jump from yesterday's. Maybe it's because I have weak triceps and I am still working on my chaturanga pose, I had to modify that part . I put my knees down on the ground when we did the chaturanga (push up) . And it was three reps. So, I will be working on refining my chaturanga today and tonight to get it better. I found the part on the quad. very easy. I guess that's probably because I had a rest day from jogging yesterday and didn't use my legs so my quads were pretty loose today. Nice session. Thanks!
Shelley Williams
Jeannie S. Greetings! Yes, good to just keep the knees down for a bit longer until you feel stronger in chaturanga, you are still building strength even with the knees down, and focus on keeping core alignment strong while lowering and lifting torso. Some of the quad openers are more potent feeling than others, it can depend on the day 😃 or the alignment, too.. def work to keep pelvis tilting towards posterior, and thighs in neutral alignment! Keep on rocking it!
Tracy S
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Thank you Shelley Williams! Another amazing practice. Namaste! :)
Shelley Williams
Tracy Thank you so much. You are doing a great job, Day 10 already! Awesome :)
M Angela C
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Really appreciating these thoughtful sequences. Have been practising at the same time every day AND looking forward to that time! The rhythm of today,s flow was lovely. I have been incorporating my aha moments from each day into other aspects of my life. Shelley, your style and queuing are really clear. 🙏
Shelley Williams
M M Angela hi there! Thank you for the nice note and feedback~ that is fantastic that you have been able to carve out same time each day, it makes a huge difference in consistency! Good for you 💜
Gabriel W
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Really enjoyed this. Thank you.
Christel B
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Loving your sequences; great to have this to look forward to when arriving home from work.
Shelley Williams
Christel That makes me smile.... thank you! 😊 Nice gift to give yourself at the end of the day...
Debra D
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Dear Shelley, I am very much enjoying your elegant shapeshifting. It’s interesting to me that I’m also getting a qigong vibe while following your practice — a feeling of clearing the auric/subtle body with flowing rhythmic movements as well as building strength and flexibility. And I felt like a royal dancer today :))) Thank you for your warm encouraging presence. Much love and light 🦋
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