Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 9: Rhythmic Flow
Shelley Williams

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Debra! Thank you for this reflective sharing... yes, I have studied and practiced qi gong in the past, it always makes it way through in the prana yoga, as they are energetic cousins. You ARE a royal Dancer! Excellent showing up and absorbing of the practice on so many subtle levels... how beautiful!
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Just love these well-designed sequences. It feels so wonderful, and builds intelligently each day. Thank you!
Kate wonderful!!! Thank you 🤩
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I'm really enjoying this 30 day challenge. I was feeling a bit stale with my practice and was dragging myself to the mat some days. Now I look forward to it. The classes go by very quickly and I'm already feeling stronger for it. I really appreciate your sequencing and the layering of the poses along with the technique explanations. Thank you so much.
Hey Chrys! Thank you for leaving me a note~ so nice to hear you feel re-ignited and fresh in your practice. New perspectives always good!! Enjoy...💜
Thank you Shelley, feeling so inspired doing this challenge, really love your teaching. XxXx
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Thank you Shelley all the way from Italy. I'm not very flexible but I try my best :_)! I follow this challenge with great pleasure!
Cristiana Thank you for your kind note! I am so happy you are able to access this series, and do keep in touch. Virtual hugs to you from California to Italy! Where do you live?
Hello Shelley, thank you! I come from a small town in the countryside in the Venetian Region, not too far from Venice! :_)
Really enjoying this challenge! Super fun! Thanks!!
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