Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 11: Restorative Flow
Shelley Williams

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Wow. Lovely thank you.
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Shelley Williams, is it normal that during udgaya breath I feel not enough air for me? Do 8 do something wrong? And also sotimes thraught is tence.
Ruth You are so welcome ... xo
Michelle Hewitt First off, if you have not patted yourself on the back lately, please do so! Shifting into sobriety is no easy thing, and I want to send my sincere hug of appreciation for the gift you are giving yourself. And even on those days when it sometimes does not feel like a gift, remember that the things most meaningful in life are not always easy. Stay close to your practice, especially now as you find new footholds on your path. I see you... Namaste
Gabriel You are most welcome, friend
Nadia Yes, sometimes when we interact with Ujjayi it can feel like you are short of breath. Try a "mouth open" version of Ujjayi (one of my teachers Max Strom introduces it this way) and make the sound of ujjayi as you breath through your open mouth to get the feeling in your throat. Don't push it so much that it hurts your throat...but refine it like a silky thread. You can also work with breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth with that same, subtle sound
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A wonderfully relaxing practice. Just what this momma needed. Thank you!
Vicki ! Fantastic... restoratives always seem to be right on time :) happy practicing
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Yummmm... and this came at the end of a very yogasana filled week. So lovely.
Kate wonderful!! I hope you soaked it innto every cell 💜
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