Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 11: Restorative Flow<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 11: Restorative Flow
Shelley Williams

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Ahhh! That felt gooood! I needed this today. Thank you!!
Shelley Williams
Grete ! So glad it was a welcome flow for you yesterday. Hope you are continuing to enjoy the challenge, and thanks for showing up! XO
Kate M
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Fielding a virus today - and this was absolutely perfect. I overlook restorative practices too often! 
Rachel S
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YEEEEEEEEESSSSS. Thank you. Just what the doctor ordered today.
Lina S
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Wonderful practice. I realize I don't welcome this kind of practice often. It feels good sometimes to slow it down.
Sandra Židan
I loved today's yin practice! Thanks, Shelley! Namaste!
David G-
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I hope you consider doing a season of Yin Yoga. You have a wealth of calm and insight! I entered this 30-day challenge with which is the attribute that came to mind after you discussed the question you ask your two children. 

You had me at VO2 max with your litany about ujjaye breath...  

Thanks so much for a super restoration practice. 
Rosanna S
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I'm working my way through this challenge again for the second time, and this time I've taken up running again. I really appreciate all of the shoulder mobility work in each class, and I feel that every class I'm finding relief and strength I'm just the right places to support my running practice. Thank you!
Shelley Williams
David G- Thanks again David G... will see what we can do to serve that up, Yin is the magic medicine for certain! 
Shelley Williams
Rosanna S This is so great to hear!  How is running going? I think restoratives are absolutely key to balance the effects of running on the body, and actually give you more longevity with it. Good for you!! I ran on the beach in the soft sand just today, and it is a recent re-embrace as well.  Challenging, but so so good! 
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