Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 21: Integrate and Nourish
Shelley Williams

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a fun restorative shorty, with one side twist pose that I'd never tried before. one technical thing: did anyone else have playback issues around minute 21-ish? I can't get it to play video beyond that and just had to switch to audio mode to finish. Could be connectivity issues here where I live, but wonder if anyone else had issues?
Elissa We will have to defer to tech support on this one, but I always go old school and just power my device down, then open back up 😃 do you live very remote?
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Elissa, I was not able to recreate that mischief. Did it resolve itself or is it still stuck? xok
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I'll let you know... it's no problem usually. Just with this particular one.
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and yes, I do live in a zone that has questionable connectivity at times. maybe it was the big winds we had last night, scooting across the desert and coating everything in an ice sheath....!
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Elissa, brrrrrrr!
What a treat!!! Thank you!!!
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A beautiful and relaxing practice. I felt my lower back opening slowly and gracefully like a flower. Namaste
Alexandra You are most welcome, happy practicing! 💜
Glenford I think I will have to repeat this practice tomorrow morning... I would like for my lower back to feel like a flower, too! Great image :)
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